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This tool validates the syntax of YAML in AsciiDoc files.


When writing documentation, it is vital that any YAML samples presented to a user are valid. Because AsciiDoc is a structured, plain text documentation format, it is possible to extract and validate YAML.


  • Node.js >= 10.x

Or you might want to install Node.js using nvm or some other version manager.


To install the application, complete the following step:

  • npm i -g @jboxman/asciidoc-validate-yaml


The YAML source must be placed within a listing block with yaml syntax highlighting.

- alpha
- delta
key3: true
key4: abc

Each YAML block can use call outs if necessary.

bigKey: some text <1>
<1> This describes the key


The help output describes the available options.

Usage: asciidoc-validate-yaml [options]
Validate YAML listing blocks in Asciidoc files
-a, --attributes [attributes...] Optional: Attributes such as product-version=1
--pass Always succeed regardless of any validation failures (default: false)
--stdin Read file list from stdin instead of _topic_map.yml (default: false)
--topic <path> Optional: Path to ascii_binder _topic_map.yml file
-h, --help display help for command

For example, the following is the most common usage:

$ find . -type f -name '*.adoc' | asciidoc-validate-yaml --stdin

Example output:

Scanning .../networking/configuring-ipfailover.adoc
modules/nw-ipfailover-configuring-vrrp-preemption.adoc [18]: OK
modules/nw-ipfailover-configuring-more-than-254.adoc [28]: OK
modules/nw-ipfailover-configuration.adoc [40]: OK
modules/nw-ipfailover-configuring-check-notify-scripts.adoc [76]: OK
Scanning .../networking/multiple_networks/assigning-a-secondary-network-to-a-vrf.adoc
modules/cnf-assigning-a-secondary-network-to-a-vrf.adoc [39]: OK
Scanning .../networking/multiple_networks/edit-additional-network.adoc
Scanning .../networking/multiple_networks/configuring-multi-network-policy.adoc
modules/nw-multi-network-policy-differences.adoc [6]: OK
modules/nw-multi-network-policy-differences.adoc [16]: OK


You can use the AsciiDoc include directive to include YAML files instead of including YAML content directly in an AsciiDoc file. In such cases, you can validate the YAML directly without having to parse the AsciiDoc first.

Known issues

For known issues, see GitHub.